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Camping with my Travel John!

Just a quick update on how I got on with the Travel Johntraveljohndisp this last weekend!

We arrived Friday evening after a long drive and Dad put up the tent whilst I did monkey management!  It was almost not raining when our friends arrived and 4 kids ran around the field like crazy burning off the cooped-up in a car energy.  Tents up, chats had it was nearly 10:00pm and way past the Monkey’s and Chimp’s bedtime, so took Chimp off to feed him – ideally so he was nice and relaxed and went straight to sleep!

Ha ha!

30 minutes later, lying next to a burbling, wriggling, anything but sleeping monster and trying to soothe him into sleep.

Eventually he made it.

Now it was really pouring and I needed to wee!

So learnt lesson number 1 – get your Travel John out of its pack of 3 (why do things come in packs of 3?) before the kids fall asleep so you are not trying to open it so quietly you don’t wake the kids, all the time crossing your legs.

Eased out of the ‘bedroom’ part of the tent and into the covered porch and stood to wee.  The wide, shaped top fitted comfortably and the bag was very easy to use.  It did feel a bit odd, but so much nicer than venturing out into the wet, cool, Welsh night.

The one bag did 2 wees and they have an indicator on the side to show when it is full.

Very easy to use and no smell either.

So that’s it and no, I did not take any photos, so sorry, nothing pictorial to show you.


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Where there is no Loo!

I am not a prude when it comes to outdoor weeing – if in the woods or another place with suitable cover and a distance from a stream or lake, then I will quite happily squat and do the business.  I am also fine for my kids to do the same.

But there are circumstances when, especially since kids – they do terrible things to your internal muscles – when no loo is a real issue.  And not just for me!

I dread traffic jams with the kids – especially when you have been driving for a few hours and are due a ‘pit-stop’!  You just know – when you are stuck in the middle lane and traffic is stationary on all sides – that that is when your child will pipe up ‘Mummy, I need a wee. NOW!’  So what can you do?

a) hunt around the car for somthing the poor child can wee into and hope it has a leak-proof lid!

b)  ignore the other vehicles on the road – open front and passenger doors and stand next to the child as she/he wees on the road.

c) tell them to hold on and beep madly at the other cars so you can try and make it to the hard-shoulder before the inevitable accident happens.

traveljohndispWell, thankfully there is another alternative – The Travel John.

I’m not that keen on the name, perhaps because the term John for a loo is not that common in the UK, however it is actually a great product and even has Royal endorsement from Prince Harry (and the other Apache helicopter pilots)!    Click here to see what he says!

So what is it?

Well, simply it is a bag containing a gel that solidifies when liquid is poured in.  This bag is inside another bag and the opening is wide enough for boys & girls (and men & women) to wee into.

You can puncture the bag, tip it upside down and it will not leak.

And best of all, the gel is biodegradable.

Other than long car journeys, I think this product would be really useful to have at festivals or other events where the number of toilets are insufficient for the number of people and tend to be quite horrendous towards the end of the day.  Also great for camping when you need a middle of the night wee and there is no ‘natural cover’! Click this link to a little presentation on how to use it.

Another tip I learnt when travelling on a bus in Laos – for women, if you need to wee in a relatively public place, it is much easier if you are wearing a skirt!  If you are not wearing one, then think about carrying a sarong or equivalent to give yourself (or a friend/child) some privacy.  Got to admit, it was not much fun taking a wee behind a minuscule bush with a number of Laos villagers peering at the ‘strange white woman’.

Raw Tacks or Costs:-

If you only want 1 pack then it is £6.99 per pack.  If however you want to buy in bulk (perhaps to last a while or to share with friends/family) you can buy 18 packs for £37.99.  Each pack contains 3 disposable urinals and wipes.

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