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Meeting People

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Out on our catalogue rounds – we chat to everyone!

I genuinely like people.  I don’t think I always have – especially not as a child, I often didn’t like other children as my school friends will attest to!

However, now – on the whole I like people.

I like hearing their stories, about their lives, their experiences, their knowledge.

I like sharing my thoughts and experiences.  I like finding common ground or discussing differences (sometimes!).

I think I am now a people person.  My Mum is an amazing people person and as a child I often felt embarrassed as she would chat to a stranger and within the space of 30 minutes know almost their whole life history and especially finding common ground.

Now, I find I do the same.  Just not as well.

Dropping catalogues around my neighbourhood gives me the chance to meet some of the people in my village.  Get to know a bit about them and their families or history.

One of my favourite customers is the Queen of the Fairies.  She is a gorgeous elderly lady whose garden is full of gnomes, fairies, butterflies, frogs, wind chimes, witches, meerkats and more.  The children love going their to see the fabulous garden and see if anything has moved, been added, changed at all.  To talk to the characters and to see this bright, cheery woman.

After visiting with her, I always feel happier and calmer in myself.  She has a sign on her door saying that ‘A Witch Lives Here’, perhaps she is right!  But definitely a good witch.

Another customer is having a difficult time with her health.  She is also lonely, I discovered.  So now, when I am going to her house I always ensure I have a little time to chat, in case she needs to.  Small boy does not always appreciate this though!

Population 012Another lovely lady used to be an Avon Lady when her children were young (about 20 – 30 years ago I would say), she always likes a little chat and shows interest in us too.  A people person too, skills that helped her through her business, still shining through.

So, I sometimes find the internet odd – mostly you don’t chat, you send and sometimes receive, but there isn’t the interaction, the ability to see expression, the spontaneity of meeting and speaking in reality.

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What do I do?

Wikaniko is a Network Marketing business.  We are not ashamed of this, in fact we are incredibly proud to be this kind of business as everyone entering the business has the same chance of making it big.  The chance is not based on luck, but on hard work, persistence and self-motivation.

Many people are wary of Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and after the scams of Pyramid Selling, it is not surprising.  But what does Network Marketing/MLM mean?

Well, I am by no means an expert being a relative newbie to the field, but in essence as a Distributor for a NM/MLM company you both:-

  1.  Sell real products to real people, &
  2.  Build a team of people who also sell real products to real people.
Lots of lovely Wikaniko Pamper goodies to attract customers.

Lots of lovely Wikaniko Pamper goodies to attract customers.

Personally, I sell products in two main ways – through delivering catalogues to customers in my area and taking their orders.  They then receive the products and pay me.  I also go to events (local shows, school fairs, Christmas fairs etc) and sell products there and raise the profile of the business.  This can also be a good way to collect information on people who may be interested in the products or even having their own Wikaniko business.

There are loads of other ways to sell too – holding Wiked Bash parties at your own home or other peoples, taking products along to offices and having a stall or leaving samples for people to try and then place orders, encouraging friends and family to buy through your on-line shop, talking about our wonderful range of products on Social Media and getting online custom that way.  In fact, the only limiting factor to how to sell is me and my imagination or knowledge. Wikaniko provide a great online training resource on how to market the products and even give fully-paid distributors a free Social Media Course.  In addition, we have a great network of distributors who are always there to offer advice, give support and share their experiences (good and bad).

Team building I find harder.  It can be hard to find potentially interested people – I don’t like to talk about the business at every social event I go to, especially not ones where I have the children, but I do from time to time.  However, yet again the Wikaniko HQ Team help us along the way with warm ‘Leads’ – people who have replied to adverts saying that they are interested in this kind of work.  You pay per lead, so no huge advertising costs there either.  In addition, they even provide a suggested script and method for talking to Leads and how to follow up.  So really, it is not hard – once you have braved that first cold-phone call that is!   Once again, the more experienced and successful Distributors share their experiences so those of us who are new to the field get support, ideas and more.  One person recruited 20 people to his team in June alone – it can work, if you stick at it.

How do they share – well, we have a fabulous Facebook Group, a brilliant Forum and many are willing to chat on the phone to give support to those who are genuine in wanting to do better, but are struggling.

Click on this link to see a Powerpoint Presentation to find out a bit more about Wikaniko, how we came about and how this fabulous business works.  Win with Wikaniko Philippa

So how am I doing?

Well, I admit not as well as I would like.  With two small children at home (youngest is 1 this month and is not the best of sleepers), recently moved to a new part of the country, partner still relatively new in his job, in the process of buying a house and generally getting to know the area, I am finding that it can be hard to find the time to put aside to my business.

That said, I am out cataloguing now and the children come with – we are meeting more neighbours which is fabulous and getting orders too.  I also am doing a few events over the summer –  by keeping to local events I am meeting more local people, and can offer free delivery of products – always a bonus.

I have plans…..  Just need the time and energy to put them into action!  When that time is right, I know I am with the right business as colleagues and the Head Office will support me every step of the way.

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FREE to Join Wikaniko

Free To Join NOW

Free To Join NOW

Life is good in the Wikaniko camp at the moment. Why?

Well, you can now join Wikaniko for free. That is right for absolutely nothing whatsoever.

How? I hear you ask.

This is a ‘try before you buy’ offer. You try out the business for 6 months and then decide whether it is for you or not. If it is, fabulous and welcome on board. You will then be charged the full £79 joining fee. If not, no probelms and thanks for trying it.

So what do you get for nothing?

  • Your own website – exactly the same as mine ( but with your details on it.  After 30 days, the website will start to have a cost of £3.50 per month.  This is one of hte biggest online retail eco supermarkets in the UK and you can attract customers directly to your site.  This boosts your income too.
  • Excellent on-line training and fabulous support from HQ on the phone or online.
  • Buy eco-friendly household products at wholesale price instead of retail and reduce your outgoings (up to £100s per year)
  • Help save the planet – make a difference and earn an income.
  • The opportunity to build a team or branch anywhere in the UK by introducing people to the opportunity.  You make an override on what they do, by helping them to build a great future for themselves.
  • There are numerous ways to develop your business: you can offer the products to friends and work colleagues by showing them our catalogues, you can do eco events, craft fairs, shows etc, hold parties to demonstrate our products, drop catalogues or any other way that suits you and your life.
  • The chance to enjoy your life, free from financial worries, and at the same time have a true sense of purpose.
  • In addition, Wikaniko offers something quite amazing – a Social Media online training course worth over £6,000!  This will become yours for free if you stay after 6 months or you can buy it now and then if you decide to stay after 6 months, you will not be charged the joining fee!!

This enables you to learn social media without going outside your front door, and obtaining the skills and knowledge to easily attract customers to your shop without you having to handle a single product or speak to a single person.  After this course, you would possess a skill that would enable you to promote anything online worldwide, as well as your Wikaniko opportunity. You don’t ever need to be short of income again.

Does that all appeal to you?

However, the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary! There is effort involved. There is work to do, and there are things to learn.

If you want to have a go, though, we’ll teach you along the way, using some of the best training ever created. You do the training in the comfort of your own home, and at your pace.

Where to start?

Have a look at the presentation on this link and if you are interested, please do get in touch….