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The What and Why of Wikaniko (We Can Eco)

Selling at events is fun, social and a great way to introduce people to our wonderful products.

What is Wikaniko?

Wikaniko is a UK-based multi-level marketing company that sells a huge range of eco-friendly products on-line and through distributors.  I am one of their distributors.

All of our products are eco-friendly and don’t use the harsher chemicals that are found in more commercial products.  Many products are organic and there is a vegan range too.  We have some Fair Trade products from overseas and many of our suppliers are UK companies with good environmental records.  Wikaniko also produces its own range of products, including the KBK Mineral Make-ups.

This is some of our amazing range:

Adorable bamboo tights for 2-4 year olds

  • Armomatherapy we have a lovely range of essential oils and massage oils.
  • Aloe Vera creams, lotions, shampoos, handwashes and Aloe Vera drink
  • Baby and Child, including wipes, nappy liners, nappy boosters, organic creams and bath products
  • Biodegradable bags – the ones you can’t do without eg for dog poop, the bin and dirty nappies.
  • Bamboo towels, flannels, socks for adults, tights and socks for little ones, soft baby blankets
  • Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, lip balms and all you need to look after your skin and body
  • Cleaning products for your home, your laundry and your car!
  • Feminine care and hygiene – including eco-friendly lubricants for intimate moments
  • Gadgets – toys for all ages
  • Garden – including a huge range of seeds
  • Pets too can be eco-friendly with our range of wormers, shampoos and flea-treatments.
  • Travel/Camping/Holidays – from sunscreen and insect repellent to a portable urinal, we have it all!

There are a lot of Independent Distributors working for Wikaniko, just like me.  They are all self-employed people who want to build their own business from home.  Some people will work at Wikaniko full-time, others fit it around family, work and other commitments.  All earn an income relative to the work they do.

We can earn in a number of ways:-

  1. sell products directly to family, friends, at events, at parties or through the website, earning between 25 & 35% on all products.
  2. build a team of people who also become independent distributors.  The team leader then earns points depending on how much their team earn.
  3. earn points on all products sold.  If over 100 points are earned in 1 month, you get cash-back!
  4. earn green stamps through a number of ways including completing the on-line training and developing your team.

I am loving our Aloe Vera health drink and really feel it gives me energy to help cope with my children, especially sleepless nights with the youngest, Chimp.

For the initial fee of £24.95 you get:-

  • your own website (just like this one) to sell through
  • a back office which has loads of information including on-line training, about the team you build, your orders, your commission and points and so so much more.
  • access to a great forum of fellow Wikaniko people who are really willing to share ideas, tips, thoughts and generally be incredibly supportive.
  • ongoing support through the online help and a fabulous team at HQ who are always an email or phone call away and put in a lot of effort to support Wikaniko Distributors.

Why am I a Wikaniko Independent Distributor

I started my own business in 2011 delivering environmental education workshops to schools.  This business was doing OK, but I was increasingly finding it hard to get in to schools as their budgets are cut and they are having to prioritise their funding.

So, I wanted an additional, complimentary business that could be done part-time, but still bring in some money and would work around children too.  I looked around at a number of party-plan & direct selling businesses, but felt that most would not meet my environmental or ethical requirements.

When I first saw Wikaniko, I actually thought it was a hoax as I’d never heard of it and was concerned it would be a con.  But I read more into it, found a few forums where people were talking about it and found someone on Netmums to ‘talk’ to about it.  After a lot of consideration about whether I could do this kind of business, I decided to sign up and give it a go.

By becoming a Wikaniko distributor, I now buy a lot of the things we use every day at home through my website at 25 – 35% cheaper than I could buy normally so save money that way too.  I have easily saved more than my initial outlay.  So we use Wikaniko shampoos, soaps, household cleaners, laundry detergents, lotions & potions and lots more.  I can now get my baby essentials too – wipes, nappy liners and nappy boosters.

Wikaniko really does fit with my personal ethos of reducing my own (and my families) footprint on the earth.  It also provides a working medium to help & encourage others do the same.  So I am earning without costing the earth.

I admit that I have not given this aspect of my business a lot of time – I do some stalls and events which I love and do some door-to-door deliveries as well.  However, as Chimp grows up I feel that Wikaniko will become my main business as it is very flexible and will fit around looking after him and Leila on her ‘mummy days’ or after school as she gets older.

Going to events, chatting with other people doing Wikaniko or similar businesses I realise that there is a lot more I can do.  I can do parties – probably pamper-type parties and eco-cleaning parties; I can utilise the internet a lot more and I can focus on building a team too.  So lots to do.

If anything here strikes a chord with you and you think that Wikaniko could be a business for you, please do get in touch.