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Sparkling Car and 2 dry kids!

washnnwaxWashing the car is great fun with water, I admit.  However, having both kids soaked through (or more likely stripping off completely) on the front drive just didn’t feature in my plan the other day.

Besides, I had a product to test….  The Waterless Wash & Wax Car wash (also good for boats, caravans, kitchen white goods …).  According to the bottle and information you just spray it on, leave 5 seconds and then wipe and grime, grease, mud, car gloop, tarry bits etc will come off.

Now, I have not cleaned the outside of the car for a conservative 5 months.  The car is silver, but you could be forgiven for thinking it is more of a beige-brown-sludge-silver.

So, it was with a bit of trepidation that I headed out armed with nothing but a bottle of Waterless Wash & Wax and 4 micro-fibre cloths – in theory 2 for me and 1 each for the kids.  Part way through the job, I realised that old toothbrushes were required to get into those hard to reach nooks and crannys around the door handles where green-stuff likes to linger!

I was incredibly suprised at how well the spray worked.  Even with months old grime, it was literally just spray, count to 10 and wipe.  Even my 5 year old could do a great job, once I explained and demonstrated how to wipe effectively – ie round in circles and quite firmly, rather than a very gentle flip-around with the cloth.  The 2 year old wasn’t doing such a great job, but he enjoyed wiping and seeing how dirty his cloth got!

If you are a more regular car-cleaner than myself, then a more gentle sweeping motion with the cloth over the car would suffice.

So how well did it do?

IMG_0711 IMG_0704Here are before and after photos of the gate-post paint that mysteriously found itself on the wheel-arch!!







And a little video (hopefully) showing the kids cleaning and a bit of me cleaning too!



Overall verdict – very easy to use, car came up a treat – it is back to being silver, gleams beautifully and looks a lot better.  We even cleaned the wheel arches.  It even cleans the inside (not cloth or leather though) and windows.  I admit to doing some of the inside, but not all!  The vacuum cleaner was required first and then it was supper time.

The microfibre cloths changed from blue to black, however am soaking them in Soda Crystals and will throw them in with the nappies on a relatively hot wash (60oC) and with luck they will be fine.  If not for food surfaces use, then at least for the cars, bikes and floors.

The product contains Carnauba Wax and Kaolin Clay and does not contain petroleum distillates, solvents, kerosene or silicones.  It is fully biodegradable and this does mean you need to use a bottle within 6 months of opening.  However, for a usual car-cleaning family this is about 5 – 6 cleans for a mid-sized car (like our Renault Scenic), so easily possible to use within 6 months.  If you allow the kids to use the spray, you may get through it faster!  Spraying is fun and more may be used than is strictly necessary.



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Cleaning with Micro-fibre

Our bathroom micro-fibre pack - sponge, wiper cloth and shining cloth

Our bathroom micro-fibre pack – sponge, wiper cloth and shining cloth

I don’t pretend to be an expert on micro-fibre cloths, but I am a convert to them.  We have had a few around the house for a while, but I never really took to them.  Just didn’t get them at all.

But a chance chat with a friend on eco cleaning and how she loved her micro-fibre cloths made me give them another go.

Now, I love them.  I started with them in the bathroom using the Bathroom Pack which has a microfibre sponge for the hard jobs (showers, bath stains and so on), a softer cloth to wipe clean and an even softer cloth to shine those taps.   So now, when I do get around to it, my bathroom gleams beautifully.  Just ought to clean more often….

I often use a natural oil (currently virgin organic coconut oil) in the bathwater for my two children, a way of helping to keep their skin moisturised – especially for the eczema on my daughter’s leg.  However this does leave the bath in rather a disgusting state – a definite tide line!  But a quick rub with the microfibre sponge and the tide-line disappears.  (My apologies for the appalling video quality and my voice over!)

Next has been the kitchen where the soft cloths are a wonder on cleaning surfaces, even our induction hob – if you scratch it, then it becomes less efficient, so having good non-scratch cloths that clean without chemicals is quite amazing!  Wiping down windows and woodwork becomes so much easier with these cloths as well.

When the Chimp was weaning, before we remembered to get a plastic sheet to go under his chair, the laminate floor looked like a fabulous food-fight had occurred.  Most things easily picked up, but weatabix turns to concrete in moments!  So, it was with trepadation that I attacked the floor.  I did use a vinegar solution spray as well as my trusty microfibre cloth – largely as a disinfectant and because I read somewhere that vinegar was good for cleaning wood laminate floors.  A few minutes of work and the floor was clean – dare I say, even sparkling.

And the best bit – pop them in the washing machine at 30oC and they come out good as new and ready to go again.

So how does it work?  Well apparently these cloths work with water to clean and act almost like a toothbrush, getting into all the tiny bits of the surface to remove the dirt.  The dirt is then held within the cloth until it is rinsed. They are non-abrasive and so won’t scratch surfaces.

In addition to all this, they are made from recycled materials in the UK!  Wow, how eco can a product be?

As easy as 1, 2, 3….

Cleaning Problem:  My draws get grimy from my kids sticky hands, but I don't want to use chemicals....

Cleaning Problem: My draws get grimy from my kids sticky hands, but I don’t want to use chemicals….


1.  wet the kitchen sponge with water

1. wet the kitchen sponge with water

2.  Wipe away the grime and muck

2. Wipe away the grime and muck

3.  All the Grime and Muck have gone

3. All the Grime and Muck have gone