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Green, Ethical Business Opportunity

Click the image to go to our presentation

If you are finding that a traditional job is not meeting your life needs, then please click on the picture to watch our presentation and see if Wikaniko is the answer to your prayers.  It was mine.

  • It met my ethical and environmental requirements.
  • It allows me to work and be a full time mum to 2 kids, though my eldest is now at school.  I am home after school and throughout the holidays.
  • I am making a difference to our home environment – it is healthier for us and better for the natural environment around us.
  • My children are very aware of what I do and learn with and from me when we work together.
  • I am saving on products we use.

In addition, I am earning and have the potential to earn a lot more. I have the support of a fabulous HO and other distributors around the country.  I am helping others to lead healthier lives by making simple changes to the products they use everyday.  I get to meet new people – often ones’ I would never otherwise meet, which is lovely.  I make new friends on-line and in real life through my business.

So, it affects my whole life in a good way.

If you like what you see and would like more information, please get in touch.


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Free On-line Training Course – coming soon.

Free Taster Training Course to rid you of gremlins & mind monsters

Free Taster Training Course to rid you of gremlins & mind monsters

I just had to let you all know about a new service from Wikaniko – a series of training courses for people who have their own business and would like to take that business to the next level.

I know from chatting to lots of business owners (big and small) that many of us have gremlins in our heads that prevent us from going to the next level.

Gremlins that query whether we really know what we are doing, or whether what we are doing is worth being paid for, or make us worry how others perceive us, or perhaps it is that niggle that says we are foolish for trying to be an entrepreneur and that we will never be successful.

These are the gremlins that the new training course will help you to chase away.  So if you would like help overcoming your mind-monsters – watch this space.

There will be a free taster course so you can decide whether this if for you or not.

Who is it for?  Anyone running a business from home – whether it is as an alternative therapy practitioner, someone making cupcakes, buying and selling on eBay, or in network marketing.

Interested?  Please email me on or comment below and I will get back to you with further information.

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We Can Eco Clean

WeCanEcoClean-LogoLoads of people employ someone else to clean their home or office – some are weekly or more, others are a one-off.  Wherever you live, people need this service.  Would you like to have your own business delivering a great service to others?

Most companies use a variety of cleaning products which can result in or exacerbate health issues – the home can be an incredibly toxic environment with a mixture of chemicals from cleaning products, furniture, paint, carpets and so on.  These products also result in environmental damage – there is more water pollution nationally from products used in the home (cleaning, laundry etc) than from industries!

toilet-cleanerThis is where We Can Eco Clean comes in.

It is a business that only uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic products that do not affect people’s health.  More importantly, your health as the cleaner and business owner is not affected either.

How does it work?

Firstly you join Wikaniko (currently FREE for your first 6 months so you can see if it is for you)

Then you decide which of our three Eco Cleaning Packages is for you – the Basic is £59.99, Standard is £135 and Professional is £199.

Germex Disinfectant from Eco2Life

Germex Disinfectant from Eco2Life

Each package provides you with a selection of eco-friendly cleaning products, biodegradable bin-bags and microfibre cloths along with essential kit such as a tabbard, information CD and ID Badge.  In addition all packages include online training with regard to the benefits of eco cleaning, and full support regarding advertising and promoting both the service and the opportunity.

The Professional Package is best suited to someone who does commercial cleaning as well as household cleaning.

Go through all of the training and information on the CD, put up some advertisements locally for an Eco-Cleaner and away you go.

You can also promote the other Wikaniko products to your customers and build your own team of Eco Cleaners across the country.

Being an Eco-Cleaner can earn you a healthy regular income even before you start to build your own team or add on product sales.  The excellent on-line book-keeping service offered by Wikaniko can also help you keep your accounts in order, removing that pressure from your shoulders.

If you would like to find out more, click here or get in touch.