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Talking about amazing eco-friendly products and access to my online Wikaniko shop.

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Green, Ethical Business Opportunity

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If you are finding that a traditional job is not meeting your life needs, then please click on the picture to watch our presentation and see if Wikaniko is the answer to your prayers.  It was mine.

  • It met my ethical and environmental requirements.
  • It allows me to work and be a full time mum to 2 kids, though my eldest is now at school.  I am home after school and throughout the holidays.
  • I am making a difference to our home environment – it is healthier for us and better for the natural environment around us.
  • My children are very aware of what I do and learn with and from me when we work together.
  • I am saving on products we use.

In addition, I am earning and have the potential to earn a lot more. I have the support of a fabulous HO and other distributors around the country.  I am helping others to lead healthier lives by making simple changes to the products they use everyday.  I get to meet new people – often ones’ I would never otherwise meet, which is lovely.  I make new friends on-line and in real life through my business.

So, it affects my whole life in a good way.

If you like what you see and would like more information, please get in touch.


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Lemongrass Loo

For a Green Clean Loo, look no futher than BioD Toilet Cleaner.

For a Green Clean Loo, look no futher than BioD Toilet Cleaner.

I love the smell of Lemongrass – it brings back memories of living in Thailand where I grew Lemongrass in the garden and it was a regular feature in food.  Perhaps this is why I like BioD Toilet Cleaner so much.  Well, that is one reason anyway.

Other reasons include:-

  • It does a great job in cleaning the loo and making it sparkle
  • It does NOT result in a chlorine chemical fug in the bathroom
  • It does NOT result in aquatic pollution
  • It is totally biodegradable
  • It CAN be used with cess pits, septic tanks and soakaways without killing any of the useful bugs & bacteria that these rely on.

In fact all it contains is: Acetic Acid, Aqua, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil derived Detergent, Corn Sugar Gum, Vegetable Glycerine, Lemongrass Oil.

Have you tried it yet?