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Gorgeous Goodies New In

Gift Sets collageWe have some most delightfully gorgeous new goodies from the fabulous Faith in Nature that could solve many gift issues you have….

I love Faith in Nature because they use totally natural products, all of which are vegitarian (most vegan) and cruelty free and where possible organic.  You will not find any of these in Faith in Nature products:-

  • No animal tested products. No animal ingredients. No ingredients tested on animals (with a cut off date in accordance with BUAV (Cruelty Free International) requirements of 1988.
  • No Genetically Modified ingredients.
  • No synthetic colouring or fragrances.
  • No SLES, SLS or Parabens.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No BPA plastic (and they use rPET bottles wherever possible).
  • No Methylisothiazolinone (MI)

40thThey have come out with some fabulous gift packs – great to treat yourself, introduce a friend to the wonderful Faith in Nature or give to someone you feel deserves something special.

Starting off with the 40th Anniversary (hey, they are nearly as old as me!!) Gift Set which has five sensual varieties of mini Shower Gel & Foam Bath (all 100ml) – Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Coconut , Pineapple & Lime, Raspberry & Cranberry  and Seaweed & Citrus.  A shower gel/bath foam for every mood!  And all for the fabulous price of £12.99.

You can also get some fabulous twin-pack shower gels for £7.99 (2 x 250ml bottles) to suit different moods

revitalising_energisingBoth of the shower gels in the Vitalising & Energising Gift Set,  Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang and the Seaweed & Citrus, are great at helping me start my day – even after a broken night with small children!relaxing_luxuriousIf you are wanting something to help prepare you for a calm evening and a great night’s sleep then the Relaxing & Luxurious Twin Pack may be for you!  It has gorgeous Lavender & Geranium and luxurious Chocolate scents to treat your senses. Be ware of the chocolate one though – it really makes me want a box of dark rich chocolates to go with my bath!

mini_skin_care_packWe also have fabulous the Faith in Nature Mini Skin Care Gift Pack with  Intensive Moisturising Cream (50ml), Restorative Hand Cream (50ml) and Replenishing Moisturising Cream (50ml).

mini_body_care_packAlongside this is the Faith in Nature Mini Body Care Gift Pack which contains Revitalising Body Lotion and Exfoliating Face & Body Polish – these combine to gently polish and help the skin feel softer, smoother, nourished and moisturised.  Mmm, you can just hear your skin sighing at the sound of that!

pineapple_twincoconut_twinWe are not forgetting your hair….  we have fabulous shampoo & conditioner twin-packs in Pineapple & Lime, Aloe Vera (great for men who don’t want to be too ‘scented’), Lavender & Geranium and Coconut!  What treats and all at £7.99 per pack (250ml bottles).

I have chatted to people at events about Faith in Nature and some have pointed out a couple of ingredients that they have concerns with – Parfum, Amonium Laureth Sulphate and the use of Palm Oil.  So I have been to the FiN website to answer my concerns and I hope yours:-

Parfum – Faith in Nature only uses natural fragrances obtained from pure natural essential oils, designated by the plant name in the INCI ingredient list or as ‘Parfum’.

Amonium Laureth Sulphate – All our products are blended from a mix of essential oils, herbal extracts and other wonderful and special ingredients. Some of our products (shampoo, shower gel/foam bath and hand wash) contain a base called Ammonium Laureth sulphate (ALES). We do not use SLS, nor SLES.  ALES is considered to be a safe and effective cleansing agent and is rapidly biodegradable. Virtually 100% of this base is immediately removed from the skin or hair by the simple act of rinsing with water.  Whilst ALES can be derived from animal fats or from petrochemicals, all Faith in Nature products containing this base only contain ALES that has been derived from plant/vegetable oil.  A prime advantage of our ALES is that it has a large sized molecule. This reduces its ability to irritation when blended in our bases, compared to other bases; the small SLS molecule and the more irritant SLES.

Palm Oil – Faith in Nature have always had a policy of not using petroleum or animal fat based ingredients and from the very beginning sourced our detergent from vegetable based ingredients.  In the early days, the alternative base material was made from coconut oil. However, over the years, coconut has been replaced by palm oil, as the oil palm is a much more prolific grower than coconut. As a result, our suppliers cannot now guarantee that they will be using coconut as the base in the future.  Whilst palm oil is used in a number of our ingredients, we work hard to ensure the palm oil we use is sourced responsibly. We also closely follow recommendations from The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in sourcing our palm oil. Currently all of our soaps are made with fully sustainable RSPO accredited palm oil. We actively work on solutions to limit the use of palm oil in our products as a long-term goal.  The majority of our suppliers are signed up to the RSPO and all aim to have zero non-sustainable palm products by 2015. Additionally we are also in the process of certifying the rest of our raw materials as being from certified green palm through the Green Palm Accreditation Certification System.


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Living Greener with Wikaniko #1: The Bathroom

I am sometimes asked what products I use from our eco-superstore of 1000+ products.  ‘umm, er, well’ I start, marshaling my thoughts room by room in the house ‘just about all my bathroom products, cleaning products, health supplements and a few others to boot!’  This normally leaves my potential customer looking a bit dazed.

So, to help me with my response and to let you know how much Wikaniko has inveigled my life I thought I would examine exactly which products I use and why….

The Bathroom

We use lots of Wikaniko products in our bathroom …..

Faith In Nature products and our handmade Aloe Vera Soap

Faith In Nature products and our handmade Aloe Vera Soap

Faith in Nature provides all our hair-care and shower-gel needs.  These products are gentle on skin and hair and are FREE FROM Paraben & SLES and artificial colours & fragrances.  They are also pH balanced and Biodegradable.

We love the Neem & Propolis Shampoo as it is tough on nits!  In the last year we have had at least 4 letters from my daughters school warning of nits in her class.  Washing with the Neem Shampoo is all we need to keep the nits at bay.  Neem is a tree that grows in SE Asia and the leaves are a natural insect repellent.  The young leaves are edible and are eaten in rural Thailand with a chilli-paste – yummy!

The ‘Other Half’ is a big fan of the Aloe Vera Shampoo – has a suitable scent for men!!  Ie none!

I love the wide range of shower gel/bubble baths – the scents are always delicious and I leave the shower feeling really clean and refreshed. Currently I’m using the Lavender & Geranium, but that is nearly finished.  Have lined up Seaweed and Citrus next!

We are currently using the Aloe Vera Handmade Soap for the children – both love it.  It doesn’t have much scent, but gets them clean (and neither are clean by nature, especially not in the summer when they are out bare-foot or half-naked in the garden) and is easy for them to use themselves.  Sadly, this does mean it doesn’t last as long as it should as both love to play with the soap in the bath, making hand bubbles and generally being kids!

The hand-washes too are great.  We have used the Tea Tree & Aloe Vera for years as it is great for both cleaning hands and as an anti-bacterial.  However, I am currently experimenting with some of the others (just because I can) and we are currently using the Orange & Grapefruit – just love the strong citrus smell!

toothpasteI am a total fan of the Kingfisher Toothpaste (though have not got Dad onto it yet and only Chimp likes it – Monkey puts up with it if she has to!).  To my mind it does a great job of cleaning my teeth and leaving my mouth feeling fresh.


IMG_0553Bathroom Cleaning is not my favourite job.  But it needs doing and my trusty micro-fibre cloths really help.  They are great for my (almost) daily wipe-over surfaces and once a week I aim to do a deeper clean where I get out the BioD.

BioD Toilet Cleaner sorts out the loo – I usually use this at least two or three of times a week.  Squirt round and leave for as long as possible, then a quick scrub and away you go.  It is good for getting rid of the limescale as well as cleaning and disinfecting. Monkey loves the bubbles when she flushes!  We have been giving the BlueLoo Cistern blocks a go too – great for daily loo freshness.

The BioD Multi-Surface Cleaner is my main cleaning solution (along with vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda and Soda Crystals) and I use this diluted on all surfaces – tiles, sink, toilet seat/cistern, bath, floor and window-sills.  A wipe over with the sponge or a bit of a scrub for stubborn marks, then a wash down with a damp clean micro-fibre cloth and if necessary a shine with the dry cloth.

We live in a hard-water area, so I sometimes need Limescale Remover.  A little squirt and a scrub with an old tooth-brush and all is back to normal.  Great for the glass bit on the shower too.

Some of the grouting and fixing around the bath has suffered from mould (we chose not to use the mould resistant grout & sealant) so I gave in and got the Astonish mould & mildew remover.  To my mind, our Astonish products are on the lighter green end of our range and do contain some chemicals I would prefer not to use.  However, it is a balance – chlorine vs mould & mildew spores!  Just remember not to use any acidic product at the same time – eg the Limescale Remover or vinegar as that would release some nasty vapours.

The windows and mirror get the diluted vinegar and scrunched up newspaper treatment – cheap and easy!

From time to time I give my sink and bath a Soda Crystal treat – pile a cup or so on the plug add a cup or 2 of boiling water and unclog those drains!  If the kids are around, I prefer the Vinegar / Bicarb of Soda mix as the fizz is fun!

In fact, the only things not from Wikaniko in the bathroom are:-

The towels – we do lovely bamboo towels, but I’m not throwing out my perfectly good towels just so I can treat us all with soft, fluffy, yummy bamboo ones (well, not yet).  Chimp does have a bamboo flannel though!

Toothbrushes – we don’t do them (yet?).

Toilet paper – again, not in the shop (yet?)

Using our own products is great as I am saving and earning all at the same time!!

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EU Cosmetics Directive & Wikaniko Products

Our fabulous Mineral Make-up Range will not be in production after July 2013 for a few months.  So stock up now!

Our fabulous Mineral Make-up Range will not be in production after July 2013 for a few months. So stock up now!

July 11th is D-Day for many small cosmetic manufacturers as all products made after this date need to meet the new EU Directive on Cosmetic products.   Products made before the date can continue to be sold after it, but as with many other small-scale manufacturers, Wikaniko may have a hiatus in production of some of its own brand products.  In addition, the prohibitive cost of meeting the new requirements (about £500 for an exisiting product or up to £2000 for a new product) may result in some of our smaller suppliers going out of business – we hope not.

Overall it is only about 10% of the Wikaniko range of products that will be affected by this ruling and though a few products may go out of production, most will reappear – meeting all new regulations – on our ‘web-shop shelves’ in the autumn.

So, if you are a fan of any of the following products please do stock up now!  I would hate for you to run out.

Mineral Makeup – the powders and lipsticks will be affected for a short while.

Wikaniko Luxury Shampoos, Conditioners, Creams & Lotions – many of these will be affected by the new regulations, so please do stock up.

Wikaniko Organic Lip Balms – these will be affected for a few months, so again, please do stock up.

Wikaniko Bath Salts (in jars) & Bath Bombs – again, these will be affected so please stock up.

Fabulous 2-for1 offer - order yours now (June 2013)

Fabulous 2-for1 offer – order yours now (June 2013)

Wikaniko Deodorant Stones – one of our top-selling products and sadly will be affected for a while.  Please do stock up and take advantage of our great 2-4-1 offer: buy one and you will recieve 2 in your order.

A couple of products are likely to be discontinued – the bath melts & rollerballs are currently on this list.

Lastly, our own-brand range of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels & handwashes will be discontinued and replaced with equivalents from the Faith In Nature Range.  The products are very similar and price per 100ml is comparable, if not better, so this is a great deal.

I will add comments to this post as more information comes in, so please do return to check it.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information.