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Walking the Streets

When I first started as a Wikaniko Distributor, I was not a big fan of dropping catalogues.  I think this was more to do with something my mother once said about a distributor of another catalogue company, that essentially it was a job for those who were not able to get another job!

This is probably the view of many, but if people do ‘pity’ orders, who am I to complain!!

Now, I really quite enjoy dropping catalogues.  I don’t do huge numbers and neither do I do multiple drops in a week, but this is primarily to do with the patience of my little boy who is only 19 months.  If he falls asleep, then I could do more.  But if he is awake, he gets bored after about 30 – 40 minutes and is not shy about letting me know!

So I drop about 20 – 30 at a time – partly depending on the nature of the houses – lots of semi-detached or terraced close to each other vs detached with seperate drive-ways, gates to open and so on!  Dropping is quick, collecting takes longer as people don’t always leave the catalogue out on the designated day.  So I knock and if no-one is in, leave a note saying when I will call back.

When written down, it doesn’t sound like much fun.

But it is. Why?

Because I get to explore my new neighbourhood – today I discovered a fairly dilapidated house, hidden behind an overgrown hedge and surrounded by an overgrown garden.  I have walked by a few times and driven by many more, but had never noticed this house.  I will now notice that house every time I walk by to see if there are any changes.  Is it lived in?

Because I get regular exercise doing my rounds

Because I get out of the house and into the fresh air – and so does my little boy

Because he often falls asleep and stays asleep after we get home, so I have some time to do other things that are easier without a small boy demanding attention (work, house-work, cooking, gardening, almost everything!)

Because I get to meet people in this community, people I pass on the streets, people who would like to make orders and those who don’t, people who live in my locality.  Sometimes, when you pass through our village by car, you might think that no-body really lives there as you rarely see people.  There are no shops or pubs, so unless you join one of the activities or clubs, it is hard to just ‘bump into’ people.

Because I get to be a little nosy at other people’s gardens as I walk by – what plants they grow, the flowers and veg; what fencing they have (a tender topic in our household as our fences were badly blown down in the wind, they are now fixed, temporarily until we can decide what sort of fence we really want, and can afford);

Because I get to see the different house styles of the past as I walk by.  There is one house – perhaps a few hundred years old with black beams and white-washed walls – that doesn’t have a single straight line anywhere!  It has little windows that peak out from the walls, but even the windows don’t appear to be in line with each other!  Every time I walk by, I wonder about the stories the house could tell – of its occupants and the changes in the surrounding area,

Because for much of the time, I can have peace in my head and time to think.

Because I am offering a service to people.

Because it restores my faith in human nature – 99% of the people I meet are polite and kind.

When my daughter is at home in the holidays, it is a great time for us to chat and for her to learn a little about the concepts of business.  As my son grows, so he and I will have more meaningful chats too!

So even on the rainy days, I head out as if nothing else, I am getting some exercise!

There is always a little excitement on collection day – will I get an order or two?  I love it when I do.



What do I do?

Wikaniko is a Network Marketing business.  We are not ashamed of this, in fact we are incredibly proud to be this kind of business as everyone entering the business has the same chance of making it big.  The chance is not based on luck, but on hard work, persistence and self-motivation.

Many people are wary of Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and after the scams of Pyramid Selling, it is not surprising.  But what does Network Marketing/MLM mean?

Well, I am by no means an expert being a relative newbie to the field, but in essence as a Distributor for a NM/MLM company you both:-

  1.  Sell real products to real people, &
  2.  Build a team of people who also sell real products to real people.
Lots of lovely Wikaniko Pamper goodies to attract customers.

Lots of lovely Wikaniko Pamper goodies to attract customers.

Personally, I sell products in two main ways – through delivering catalogues to customers in my area and taking their orders.  They then receive the products and pay me.  I also go to events (local shows, school fairs, Christmas fairs etc) and sell products there and raise the profile of the business.  This can also be a good way to collect information on people who may be interested in the products or even having their own Wikaniko business.

There are loads of other ways to sell too – holding Wiked Bash parties at your own home or other peoples, taking products along to offices and having a stall or leaving samples for people to try and then place orders, encouraging friends and family to buy through your on-line shop, talking about our wonderful range of products on Social Media and getting online custom that way.  In fact, the only limiting factor to how to sell is me and my imagination or knowledge. Wikaniko provide a great online training resource on how to market the products and even give fully-paid distributors a free Social Media Course.  In addition, we have a great network of distributors who are always there to offer advice, give support and share their experiences (good and bad).

Team building I find harder.  It can be hard to find potentially interested people – I don’t like to talk about the business at every social event I go to, especially not ones where I have the children, but I do from time to time.  However, yet again the Wikaniko HQ Team help us along the way with warm ‘Leads’ – people who have replied to adverts saying that they are interested in this kind of work.  You pay per lead, so no huge advertising costs there either.  In addition, they even provide a suggested script and method for talking to Leads and how to follow up.  So really, it is not hard – once you have braved that first cold-phone call that is!   Once again, the more experienced and successful Distributors share their experiences so those of us who are new to the field get support, ideas and more.  One person recruited 20 people to his team in June alone – it can work, if you stick at it.

How do they share – well, we have a fabulous Facebook Group, a brilliant Forum and many are willing to chat on the phone to give support to those who are genuine in wanting to do better, but are struggling.

Click on this link to see a Powerpoint Presentation to find out a bit more about Wikaniko, how we came about and how this fabulous business works.  Win with Wikaniko Philippa

So how am I doing?

Well, I admit not as well as I would like.  With two small children at home (youngest is 1 this month and is not the best of sleepers), recently moved to a new part of the country, partner still relatively new in his job, in the process of buying a house and generally getting to know the area, I am finding that it can be hard to find the time to put aside to my business.

That said, I am out cataloguing now and the children come with – we are meeting more neighbours which is fabulous and getting orders too.  I also am doing a few events over the summer –  by keeping to local events I am meeting more local people, and can offer free delivery of products – always a bonus.

I have plans…..  Just need the time and energy to put them into action!  When that time is right, I know I am with the right business as colleagues and the Head Office will support me every step of the way.