Green Your Life

Talking about amazing eco-friendly products and access to my online Wikaniko shop.

Business Opportunities with The Eco Warehouse

The Eco Warehouse by Wikaniko has a variety of Business Opportunities:-

Wikaniko LOGO medIndependent Distributor

This is probably the most frequently used opportunity.  As a distributor you work along three strands:-

  • Use the products yourself
  • Retail the products to other people
  • Build a team and earn commission on the earnings that your team make.  Also encourage your team members to do these three strands.

Earnings potential – up to £14,000 per month after 3 years (but this depends on how hard and strategically you work).

Cost: Free to Join.  The cost to set up your website, online supermarket, web address, members area with full reporting facilities, online training, access to the distributor forum and Facebook group is just £24.95. The monthly website fee is £4.95 PayPal after one month, and paid via PayPal. You can cancel at any time.




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