Green Your Life

Talking about amazing eco-friendly products and access to my online Wikaniko shop.

About Me

I have always been passionate about the environment, wildlife and the natural world and have spent much of my working life in conservation and environmental education.  Aiming to minimise my impact on the planet has always been important to me as is trying to ensure the products I use are not harmful to me or the natural environment.

Throughout my 20’s and even to mid-30’s I was fairly convinced I would not have children as this would be the biggest eco-terrorist act I could do.  However….  Things changed and here I am in my mid-40’s with two children currently 7 and 3 1/2.  Life with kids and a partner has meant a lot of changes for me.  I am no longer free to follow the job from place to place (in the past this has been Dorset, Perthshire, Angus, Lanarkshire, Thailand and Northumberland), but am tied to my family.

Part time work in environmental education is hard to come by, especially as we now home educate! Before Chimp arrived, I had already started my own business – initially providing environmental education workshops to schools and other youth/children’s groups.  However, I felt I needed something else that would help, especially when we moved to a new area – for my other half’s work!

So I hunted around and looked for something that would fit in with my values, was easily moveable and could be done in spare time (ha ha, what spare time!).

It was not easy.  I had heard of a variety of Network Marketing businesses through a fabulous Mums Business Club in the north east – the Inspire Network, but none were sufficiently eco enough for me.

So I went on line and searched.  Only one really fit the bill – Wikaniko.

I’ve been with Wikaniko for at least 4 years now, though the last two have been largely focused on moving house twice and creating a home and community for our family. Despite this, I have a good customer base locally – achieved through dropping catalogues, going to events and the support of new friends – and in August 2014 achieved the Wikaniko 100+CV Club where I have shown strong commitment over a 12 month period (and benefited financially too).

I am building a team with Wikaniko – other people who, like me, want to have a business that will help to save our lovely planet and improve people’s health through reducing the toxins they use on their hair, skin and in their homes.  If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


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