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NOOOO Chocolate is under threat!

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cake-005The reason for my existence is under threat, globally!

OK, that is a slight exaggeration, it is not my only reason for existence, but it is a favoured part of my diet!


I am a big fan.  You might say that I have strong chocoholic tendencies.

So it has come as a nasty shock to discover that the future of chocolate around the world is not secure.

In fact, it is already under threat.

Organic and fair trade - helps the growers, but wont stop climate change!

Organic and fair trade – helps the growers, but wont stop climate change!

You see Cacao trees (the ones that grow the cacao pods that are the basis of cocoa and chocolate) only grow within 20° north and south of the equator.  Most cacao is grown in the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia.

If we carry on as we are currently doing so – using fossil-fuel based energy, emitting greenhouse gases into the air, chopping down rainforests – then by 2050 the countries where cacao grows will experience a 2.5°C increase in temperature.  It will be much harder to grow cacao trees then – not so much because of the heat, but because the humidity will decrease.  It will just get too dry for the cacao trees.

So for the love of chocolate, take action on Climate Change!


Information extracted from this NOAA article  on the impacts of Climate Change on the Cacao tree.





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