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Warming World and Idiot Politicians!

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Is this the future? Will you change it?

Is this the future? Will you change it?

Reading about climate change and the fact that all the months this year have been the warmest on record (global average, not the UK), that huge glaciers in the Antarctic are melting faster than ever before, that islands are disappearing because of sea level rise, that heatwaves are hitting huge chunks of Asia whilst other areas are suffering torrential rains, mud-slides and flooding, that natural catastrophes are increasing is enough to make anyone concerned that our little planet is struggling!

Then I read headlines such as

Donald Trump: I would end Paris climate deal

Donald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal

And I wonder what on earth many American’s are thinking.  Climate change will not avoid the US just because Donald Trump thinks the US is above such things as global agreements on trying to save our planet!  No it is already affecting the North American continent – wild fire in Canada and drought in California are the 2 things that immediately come to mind.

On the opposite side of the world, the Australian government has persuaded the UN to not say that the Great Barrier Reef is under any threat (from global warming, destructive coal and oil related practices) as it may affect tourism!!!  Revealed: report for Unesco on the Great Barrier Reef that Australia didn’t want world to see

Then in the UK we have our delightful Conservative government who seem to think that the UK doesn’t need to do anything about renewable energy and should Frack the F*** out of our natural areas, suppress reports that describe the damage fracking can do to the natural environment, water supplies, surrounding communities and generally continue to support the oil and gas industries!

Here are a few articles on the latest Fracking issues in the UK – would love to hear your opinions on this!  But essentially, if we are fracking and focusing on more gas extraction we are not focusing on reducing carbon output and on renewables!  GRRRRRRR

Fracking: Ministers ‘Sitting On’ Climate Change Report On Shale Industry

Fracking and Climate Change

North Yorkshire approves UK’s first fracking tests in 5 years

Some people might say that it is a good idea for the UK to become more self-sufficient in gas as we will need it for a long time even to heat homes and provide fuel for cooking.  Fracking is not the only way to get gas – try poop!  And please note that this article is from October 2014 – the technology is there and we will never run out of sewage!

First UK homes heated with ‘poo power’ gas from sewage

And a few about what our lovely Conservative government is doing to support renewable energy (clue – nothing!) despite the fact that renewables are supplying an increasing amount of energy in the UK and could do so much more (without long term damage too!).

UK renewables cuts ‘risk slowing shift to clean energy’

UK’s attractiveness for renewables investment plummets to all-time low

UK energy from coal hits zero for first time in over 100 years

I know you can find many more.

So why are our politicians so short-sighted?  Why are they continuing to support climate damaging industries and actively discourage industries that will reduce our carbon footprint?

Bluntly, I have no idea.

I can only assume that they have ‘friends’ in the oil and gas industry who in return support them and help maintain them in their position of power.  In my view, this is corruption.

Sometimes, I just need to rant and rant!  I feel quite powerless to impact on the politicians who run our country and other countries.  I am well  aware that many are in the pocket of big business and the aim of big business seems to be profit at any cost.

There will be NO PROFIT if we have NO PLANET to live on!

Actually, Earth will exist, but us humans may not!  Climate wars will probably start in my lifetime and these, combined with run-away climate change may result in huge chunks of the earth becoming un-inhabitable within the next couple of centuries.  Our descendants will refer to us as the IDIOT Era.  The people who could have changed the outcome, but didn’t because they were too happy doing what they were doing!

Just added a new category for this blog – Eco RANT!

Thanks for listening and would love to hear your thoughts too!


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