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Ice Skating After-effects

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My lovely daughter has recently taken to ice skating, a bit like a duck to water.  So, on Friday we joined with some other home-educating families at Spectrum Ice Rink and she made her way around the ice.

I managed to persuade her little brother on a couple of times and led him slowly round and round.  However, it was whilst skating with Monkey that I tripped, stumbled, rebalanced, thought I’d got away with it and then went  plonk on my bottom and hand.

Got up, carried on – in some pain but all the bits that should wiggle and move did so – stayed at the ice rink for another 45 minutes or so as Monkey skated.  Getting in the car to drive home, I realised that my wrist hurt more than it ought.

Luckily my OH works a short distance so we went to his office and I got dropped at A&E.

IMG_2145[1]Lovely nurses and x-ray people took care of me and yup, a small bone in the wrist is in-deed fractured.

What does this mean for our lives?


On the plus side – can’t get it wet, so washing up is out the question!

On the down side – no driving at the moment (though am seeing the bone docs tomorrow and hope to persuade them otherwise).  For a home educating family living in a semi-rural area this is not good.

Our usual home ed study & social life will be seriously impacted without the car.  We do have quite regular buses through the village, but to get to our activity locations will mean bus changes – often multiple.  And for some reason if you change bus service provider the cost spirals upwards very quickly.  We could quite easily spend 2+ hours of travel for an hour of activity.

Bikes – don’t think so with a broken wrist!

Walking – nearest activity is over 4 miles and the small boy doesn’t walk that far!

Whilst I would love to use more public transport, it is really impractical if you need to go to more than one place in a day.  A 15 minute car journey becomes nearly an hour on the bus.

Oh for a miracle bone-fixing cure that would heal it overnight!


Author: ecomumof2

I am a mum of 2 children, currently 8 and 4.5. We Home Educate and enjoy a wide range of activities - many of which involve being outdoors.

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