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Meeting People

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2013-07-02 14.00.02

Out on our catalogue rounds – we chat to everyone!

I genuinely like people.  I don’t think I always have – especially not as a child, I often didn’t like other children as my school friends will attest to!

However, now – on the whole I like people.

I like hearing their stories, about their lives, their experiences, their knowledge.

I like sharing my thoughts and experiences.  I like finding common ground or discussing differences (sometimes!).

I think I am now a people person.  My Mum is an amazing people person and as a child I often felt embarrassed as she would chat to a stranger and within the space of 30 minutes know almost their whole life history and especially finding common ground.

Now, I find I do the same.  Just not as well.

Dropping catalogues around my neighbourhood gives me the chance to meet some of the people in my village.  Get to know a bit about them and their families or history.

One of my favourite customers is the Queen of the Fairies.  She is a gorgeous elderly lady whose garden is full of gnomes, fairies, butterflies, frogs, wind chimes, witches, meerkats and more.  The children love going their to see the fabulous garden and see if anything has moved, been added, changed at all.  To talk to the characters and to see this bright, cheery woman.

After visiting with her, I always feel happier and calmer in myself.  She has a sign on her door saying that ‘A Witch Lives Here’, perhaps she is right!  But definitely a good witch.

Another customer is having a difficult time with her health.  She is also lonely, I discovered.  So now, when I am going to her house I always ensure I have a little time to chat, in case she needs to.  Small boy does not always appreciate this though!

Population 012Another lovely lady used to be an Avon Lady when her children were young (about 20 – 30 years ago I would say), she always likes a little chat and shows interest in us too.  A people person too, skills that helped her through her business, still shining through.

So, I sometimes find the internet odd – mostly you don’t chat, you send and sometimes receive, but there isn’t the interaction, the ability to see expression, the spontaneity of meeting and speaking in reality.

What do you think?




Author: ecomumof2

I am a mum of 2 children, currently 8 and 4.5. We Home Educate and enjoy a wide range of activities - many of which involve being outdoors.

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