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Too Hot to Handle!

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People 039Summertime and the living is easy….

Well, that is what we like to think, but some days can get really hot and sticky and keeping cool without having a fan or air-conditioning can be a challenge.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep you and your home cooler:-

Curtain Shade

Draw the curtains on the sunny side of the house – this will really reduce the heat coming into the rooms, especially if you have quite thick curtains.  Don’t forget that as the sun moves round, you will need to change which curtains are shut.  You can also shut the doors of rooms on the sunny side of the house and stay on the shaded side.

Rising Hot Air

As warm air rises, if you can create a flow of air through your house from downstairs to upstairs, this can really help. Even if you are on one level, having windows open on more than one side of the house helps to create a flow of air through and will mean you catch the breezes.  However, if it is warmer out than in, it is probably best to keep the windows shut unless there is a strong breeze.

Water Spray

Give yourself a little spritz of water from a spray bottle for an immediate cooling effect.  Top parts of the body to cool are around the temples/forehead and the back of the neck.  You can also place a damp flannel in the fridge for a while and then use that to cool yourself!

Drink, Drink, Drink

Leave the Pimms, beer and wine alone and keep the water flowing down.  It is really easy to get dehydrated – I think especially in the UK where we get the occassional hot day after a batch of more mild (read quite chilly) weather.  So we don’t get in the habit of drinking lots of water, unlike those who live in countries that are hotter for long periods of time.  Some love chilled water, others vote for warmer drinks, but the main thing is to drink and not too much coffee and alcohol as those dehydrate.

Weather 027Don’t be an Englishman/woman

I know it is not really hot that often here, but when it is – don’t spend all day out in the sun without a hat, little water and being under-dressed!  That is a recipe for disaster.  Enjoy the warmth outside from the shade!  Yeah, I know – party pooper.

Sun cream – there are arguments for and against using suncream.

For – protects the skin from burning and increasing your chances of getting skin cancer; and so long as it doesn’t contain a whole load of nasties (another blog, yet to be written!), won’t increase your chances of getting other diseases.  However, don’t go for the really high factor sun creams and then stay out all day!

Against – many of us in the UK are Vitamin D deficient as we don’t get enough sunshine.  Your skin needs to be exposed to sunshine without the protection of sun-cream to make Vitamin D.

Juice 008Solution – keep your exposure to the sun during the hottest part of the day to a minimum and go out when the rays are not so strong!

Here is to keeping cool in this warmer weather!

(will probably be doing a post on how to survive a wet summer in a week or two!!)


Author: ecomumof2

I am a mum of 2 children, currently 8 and 4.5. We Home Educate and enjoy a wide range of activities - many of which involve being outdoors.

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