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Boob Tubes for Battered Breasts

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This is a share from my old blog site for all the mums who find breastfeeding a right pain in the t*t!

Eco Mummy

Imagine the bottle is your Boob, the Boob-nut goes around the boob to give long-lasting warmth & protection for injured nipples!

I have yet to meet a mum who has said ‘breast-feeding – nothing to it!’ or at least not in the early weeks.  Personally, I have suffered cracked nipples, blocked ducts, mastisis and thrush, sometimes in combination!

This ‘invention’, thought of by my long-suffering OH, provided me with relief from the pain of blocked ducts and helped to keep bra material off my painfully cracked nipples.  Essentially it is a wheatgerm filled doughnut for sore boobs!

Materials Required:-

  • Soft material – I used some old fleece
  • Needle and Thread
  • Wheatgerm – available from health food store, if not a supermarket

It is probably best to dry your wheatgerm in the oven first, but it works well without doing this!

Cut out a retangular piece of material – the exact…

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