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Compost your waste without the Whiff!

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KompostingCollecting peelings, egg-shells, apple cores, banana skins and so on for composting (either at home, or in some places the council collect as well) should be incredibly easy.  Yet, many people don’t do it for a key reason – the whiff!

This is where the Kompost Kaddy is so good.  It has a lid and a little filter in that really does prevent the whiff from escaping and rummaging around your kitchen and beyond.

They are small and fit easily onto a bench-top, they are easy to use and will last 1 – 3 days (depending on number of people in your household and amount of food waste) before they need emptying.

We have two – 1 for composting at home and 1 for meat and cooked stuff that goes into the Council compost bin.  We don’t really want to encourage the rats, though I know they live at the bottom of the garden!

The charcoal filters need replacing every 3 -4 months and if you want to keep the Kaddy clean, you can get those little biodegradable bags to pop in them too (you need the 5l one for the Kaddy).  These will biodegrade in your home composter and are suitable for council collections too.

So no excuses please, get composting!



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