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The challenge of Toddlers and wasting food

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We’ve not done too badly on the Food Waste Challenge.  The ripe bananas were duly made into banana cakes, a few too many bananas for the number of cakes, but they taste GREAT!  Also used 2/3 butter to 1/3 coconut oil just to try it out and it does add an extra layer to the taste (I think).

We don’t tend to waste much from meals as usually I am pretty good at judging what everyone will eat and do give my kids small portions, with the option of more if they want it.  Leftovers are eaten the next day – by me or the kids usually.

Chimp, however, has proved quite challenging as his food requirements change dramatically from day to day.  One day he will eat loads and it is nearly impossible to fill him up!  The next he barely wants a thing.

Some of his left-over breakfast cereal ended up in the bin after trying to feed him it about 4 times over a couple of hours – sometimes he will eat it, but sometimes it is a no go!  One lunch headed bin-wards – he’d been out for the day with Daddy and I felt that his mince was probably past its best by the evening and a little waste is better than a sick boy.

Other than that it was the pears that got the better of me.  They seem to stay unripe for days and then overnight go over-ripe.  So, my request is what to do with really over-ripe pears?  Anyone?

My score for the family – 8/10.

Some days Chimp has his cereal without milk, so if he is not eating it then I or his sister will.  I just have never been able to stomach soggy cereal and have never had milk on cereal. Did try orange juice once – YUK!


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