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Healthy Dog Treats – the pooches fave!

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Healthy, hand-made treats for dogs!

Healthy, hand-made treats for dogs!

I was at a local summer fair last weekend, keeping out of the scorching afternoon sun under my new gazebo – which I am quite proud of especially as I can put it up by myself!  It is a lot easier with at least one other, but if I have to then I can!

Quite a few of my Wikaniko colleagues suggested taking some of our hand-made, healthy dog treats along to shows and having some for people – sorry, their dogs – to try.

So I did.

Dogs great and small, fluffy and smooth, elderly and puppies all came past – and I invited at least 25 dogs to have a taste of the Liver & Bacon bones over the course of the afternoon.  Only one elderly dog who was tucked between her owners legs on her owners mobility scooter turned her nose up.  The owner assured me that she would eat it at home, but when out, she never accepted food!

Some of the dogs tried to help themselves to a bag and quite a few did not want to leave my stall, pulling back in the hope of another treat!  6 dogs managed to persuade their owners to buy a bag.  So a conversion rate of about 1 in 5 – not bad!

Below are the details of these tasty treats.  They also come in Roast Beef, Fish Finger and ….. wait for it …. Apple, Ginger & Yoghurt Snaps!  So we even have the veggie dogs covered or those with allergies!

Liver & Bacon Bones
Baked using only the best human grade ingredients, free from preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings and additives.
These treats are low in fat without compromising the taste, ensuring that at all meat is locally sourced and always of human grade i.e, Beef mince, Pork, and Chicken. The total meat content for all our meat biscuits average 42%.
These biscuits are a complementary dog treat – always ensure a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water.
An extremely popular treat with our doggy clients.
Composition; Semolina – oats – Liver – organic bacon – Bran – Beef stock – Vegetable oil Typical Analysis: Protein 16.7 g/100gm – Oil 6.7 g/100gm – Fibre 1.5 g/100gm – Moisture 6.6 g/100gm – Ash 2.1 g/100gm. Total meat content 43 %
Approx 225g

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